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WTI 2013-02-13

A New(s)cam Emerges

A new scam emerges: A news scam emerges: Bloomberg: The Hot New Statistic Oil Traders Are Watching Is 71 Years Old Those trading light, sweet, and sometimes crude oil last Friday may recall this...



Coming soon… tfpContrails…

A powerful concept interpreted for TradeStation by tfp, this study plots supply/demand zones based on market price behavior.


Zero Lag MACD

tfpZLACD is TFP’s interpretation of the Zero Lag MACD, which is considered by some traders to be a more meaningful or responsive variation of the traditional MACD study.


XRay Vision

tfpXRay(tm) technology is a collection of patent-pending, proprietary algorithms that detect statistical disruptions in institutional order flow.


Center of Gravity + ATR

tfpCGATR combines an Exponential Moving Average with Adaptive Smoothing logic as the Center of Gravity, with upper and lower boundaries based on an Average True Range (ATR) multiplier.

Draws boxes that track FX session highs and lows

Trading Sessions

Inspired by veteran pit trader Shopster, tfpSessions draws session boxes based on user-specified foreign currency (FX) session open and close times.  

Three-day Rolling Pivot Study for Thinkorswim

Three-day Rolling Pivot

Inspired by Mark Fisher’s The Logical Trader, tfp3DP is TFP’s interpretation of the three-day rolling pivot study.

TS Breadth

Market Breadth

tfpBreadth plots NYSE uptick and downtick volume expressed as a percentage.



I just can’t help but notice Pump ‘n Dump (PND) email spam schemes when they arrive in the inbox.  It’s hard to believe this stuff is legal, but it can still offer some entertainment...